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Current Terms and Conditions:

Thank you for visiting theBraemar Technical Services Ltd Web Site (herein after referred to as “the Site”), which is provided byBraemar Technical Services Ltd. This page defines the current terms and conditions of use relating to all materials and information contained within the Site.Braemar Technical Services Ltd retains the right to alter or revise these terms and conditions without prior notice, as it deems appropriate.

All materials contained in the Site and its design are the property ofBraemar Technical Services Ltd, unless otherwise stated, and are protected by copyright. If an alternative copyright is indicated on a photograph, graphic, table or text, permission to reproduce these materials should be obtained from the original source. Otherwise, materials from the Site may be used with appropriate attribution to Braemar Seascope, subject to the terms and conditions below.


The Site contents can be utilised by the User for in-house activities. However, unless prior written permission has been received from an approved representative ofBraemar Technical Services Ltd, these contents cannot be subject to:

Electronic storage by the User

Any User that fails to comply with this requirement may be required to destroy offending copies of materials thus derived.

Onward sale to third parties of information taken directly by the User from the Site, whether in the same format as used on the Site or in summarised form.

Use in the preparation of analysis, databases, reports, prospectuses and presentations, either for a) subsequent free distribution/sale to third parties, or b) the raising of finance from banks or investors.
To obtain authorisation to use Site materials, please click here to contact us.

Limitation of Liability

Braemar Technical Services Ltd undertakes to use its best endeavours to provide accurate information on the Site, subject to the inherently incomplete nature of some data relating to shipping markets and associated activities. This arises from time lags in the reporting of data and/or the confidential basis on which some transactions are concluded.

Braemar Technical Services Ltd will use its best endeavours to update the Site on a regular and frequent basis. However, due to the ongoing nature of the company’s data collection procedures, it cannot guarantee that all the information contained on the Site will be the latest that has been received. In addition,Braemar Technical Services Ltd cannot be responsible for any:

Errors and omissions that arise from the preparation and presentation of data for the Site. All Braemar Seascope data is subject to checking and validation procedures that are practical within commercial time constraints, but inaccuracies may occur.

Furthermore, some information on the Site is derived from third parties (e.g. customs authorities and government departments) andBraemar Technical Services Ltd cannot vouch for the accuracy of such materials.

Losses of any nature arising to the User, either directly or indirectly, from the use of materials obtained from the Site.

Damage that a User of the Site incurs as a result of computer viruses.Braemar Technical Services Ltd seeks to ensure that its server and system are free of viruses and other harmful items, but cannot guarantee their continued absence. Users of the Site should therefore undertake their own safeguards against potential damage to their equipment and data arising from the inadvertent transmission of computer viruses.

Hyperlinks to Other Sites

The Site contains hyperlinks to others that are maintained by third-party organisations. If you would like to link your web site to that ofBraemar Technical Services Ltd, please click here to contact us.

The hyperlinks included on the Site are only for the convenience of the Site User and their inclusion should not be interpreted as an endorsement of those organisations and their activities. On following one of these hyperlinks, the User becomes subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the owner of the new site that is being visited.

As the information available via hyperlinks to third-party web sites has been maintained by other organisations, Braemar Technical Services Ltd cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in information on such sites. Any visit by a User to such a third-party web site must therefore be undertaken at the User’s own risk.


The User of the Site undertakes to holdBraemar Technical Services Ltd, its agents, associates, affiliates, contractors and employees harmless against any claims, liabilities or losses arising from the use of materials from the Site.

Jurisdiction and Arbitration

Any disputes arising betweenBraemar Technical Services Ltd and Users of its Site that pertain to materials from that Site shall be settled in London, in accordance with English law.

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